Easy to use replacement spindle

Spring action replacement roller_ fits most toilet paper holders


EasyChanger - easy to use replacement spindle is  6 inches long spring action roller with extension on one side for fingers. This one side extension makes holding the roller easy while putting new toilet paper on the roller. It also makes easy to push the roller back into the toilet paper holder. EasyChanger is bathroom accessory worth buy, try and recommend.

EasyChanger  single unit price $ 1.99

 2 EasyChangers price  $ 3.99

 Wholesale price - request by email

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Easy to use spindles  are available for  personal purchase on  www.amazon.com.

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  Easy to use spindle for:

homes, apartments, assisted living apartments as well as longterm facilities room -bathrooms,hospitalroom-bathrooms,hotel room - bathrooms
 cruiseship bathrooms all around the world.


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